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now fully support GPT Bootloader
Flash openATV in BuildIn slot 1 and use the image as a multiboot and backup center.
support BuidlIn Slots
support SDCard Slots
In the MultibootManager button Blue you can set up your SD card Recommended from 16 GB or more
Flash Online for openATV and dreamOS Images
Backup Image Slots
more image with change of SDCards that can not get enough
GPT BootMenu to change the image without multiboot plugin
Support Forum: https://www.opena.tv/forum629/
путин Хуйло
Philips (75PUS8505/12)
Dreambox DM 920
Samsung UE55MU6172UXXH
Amazone Fire Stick 4K


openATV 24.09.2023 now support GPT Multiboot too

to User you must Update your Box

Update at your own risk

one Frontpanel Udpate 1.15
two Frontpanel Update 1.14

with telnet
check your current Version

cat /proc/stb/fp/fp_version

for Update Install openATV

Update Frontprozesser with

flash-nrf52 --program --force --verify --start

Update U-boot with


Update Rescure Loader

Recommendation for the production of a Recovery SD-Card: Instructions can be found here:

Dumbo das dumme sd-card boot shellscript fur die Dreambox one/two - Dreambox Plugins mit Download & Beschreibung - Boxpirates

update-rescue -v

  • Downloading 'https://source.mynonpublic.com/dreambox/dreambox-rescue-image-dreambox-20230508.bootimg'

    % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current

    Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed

    100 21.9M 100 21.9M 0 0 7291k 0 0:00:03 0:00:03 --:--:-- 7292k
  • Writing rescue image to flash
  • Writing /var/volatile/tmp/tmp.9PnsGz/dreambox-rescue-image-dreambox-20230508.bootimg to /dev/disk/by-partlabel/recovery

    350+1 records in

    350+1 records out

    23001088 bytes (21.9MB) copied, 0.486314 seconds, 45.1MB/s
  • Done.
    now start Ins Recovery and activate the GPT partition, all images and data will be erased

    The OpenATV is now installed, you have now 3 images slots

    I put two DreamOS on the server for the one so you can test Flash online !

    Backup from the slots

    Solution for known problems:

    some Users report have old fp version and flash script show

    flash-nrf52 --program --force --verify --start

    failed to open /dev/bootloader! abort because nrf soft > 1.12 needs new bootloader


    ln -sfn /dev/mmcblk0boot0 /dev/bootloader

    and flash again
путин Хуйло
Philips (75PUS8505/12)
Dreambox DM 920
Samsung UE55MU6172UXXH
Amazone Fire Stick 4K